Ever since a good friend from uni and I picked Svalbard as a location for a 4th year design studio's remote location with extreme environmental influences; I've been completely besotted/fascinated with the archipelago [and admittedly began researching studying Arctic Geology at the university in Longyearbyen!]

Photographer extraordinaire Brooke Holm flicked me an email earlier this week inviting me along to her upcoming exhibition at Koskela. Recently back from Svalbard, Brooke documented her incredible trip - a preview as pictured above. Brooke's instagram also has a bunch of extra snaps worth perusing.

In Brooke Holm's photographic series 'Arctic', she explores the unique landscape of the northernmost region of the world. On an expedition that started in search of beauty, silence and isolation, Holm discovered more than just a visually arresting natural environment. There was an obvious fragility to the North that awakened an inner desire to protect it. Holm's work reveals the Arctic's rare aesthetic in an effort to raise awareness, not only of its existence, but also of the prevailing impact of a changing climate. 

The launch will be on 8th of August - from 2:30-3:30pm, at Koskela; 85 Dunning Ave, Rosebery NSW. Come along!




Yep, I've been a slacker again and haven't posted an iteration of lately posts since Christmas. This lately post includes some birthday festivities [yep, another year older] - including the beautiful black A.P.C Half Moon bag that I saw and fell in love with pre-birthday and was very luckily gifted birthday money to procure!

Not pictured is anything to do with my pre-birthday surprise of a bunch of flowers which were delivered to work with instructions to meet at Town Hall at 6:45pm, with dinner at 2015-Restaurant-of-the-Year-winner Sepia as the final surprise [admittedly probably my favourite present].

Just to continue the eating theme - I can definitely recommend Wilbur's Place in Potts Point and Bread & Circus in Alexandria. Bottom right hand corner was the Josh Goot pop up sale around the corner from my office [oops yes I bought something], Middle white photo is of George Livissianis' super slammin' fitout of the Macquarie Centre Alice McCall store. 

Overall a pretty fantastic March 2015. 


the kettle black_studio you me.

South Melbourne cafe The Kettle Black designed by Studio You Me has been on my lust list for awhile now, after regularly seeing details frequent instagram.  

A personal favourite is the black steel hanging waiters station paired with the polished concrete and tiling, and the bold inclusion of wall graphics. 

I didn't realise I liked green so much either..

ps still after one of those hanging pencil cactus. 


new website.

You will note that things are a bit different around here... yes that's right, I have made a proper website! I'm still in the process of properly linking in my blog, but for the meantime, you can visit me via my original blogger url. The new website includes my new shop , and also a few of my freelance graphic design work projects. Hope to see you there! Jx 



Exciting news - I am now a contributor over on a blog I have admired for a long time - Yellowtrace
I had recently posted about this before - but click on through for a more detailed account of one of my most favourite graphics projects; Permanent Daylight by Re-Public. Thanks for having me Dana! 



This edition of 'Lately' is bought to you by the fantastic time I had over Christmas - including a beautifully decorated Christmas tree at home in Sydney; a delicious work Christmas lunch at Riley Street Diner [top right]. After flying home on Christmas Eve to spend time in Hobart with my family, Christmas biscuits were baked [I was very impressed that Donna Hay herself liked my photo on instagram...], and my immediate family went for a bushwalk at Lake Dobson on Mt Field.

I also visited my friend from Uni Josh's newly renovated apartment which he designed and did himself [3rd row middle and right] - you should check out the Archier Hex Pendant light [Pictured]; absolutely beautiful and inspiring stuff.

I also had my first meal at new Hobart restaurant Franklin which my architect friend Chris who I used to work with at Terroir was responsible for [Definitely need to go here - it was delicious. If you do go, get the octopus].

I haven't included all of my beach pictures from a week in Bicheno/Freycinet - so jump on over to my instagram to have a looksee at the others!

All photos from my instagram account.


think work observe_spleen magazine.

I am quite drawn to searching for new/interesting graphic based projects - fuelled by my obsession with graphics on pinterest - but when I came across this one I was totally in love.

Designed by Italian-based practice Think Work Observe, the project includes the design of issue 00 of fashion and photography magazine Spleen. Asides from the beautiful and simple layout, Think Work Observe also designed a typeface for the magazine, based on their previously designed font; Futwora.

You can also have a look at the magazine here on Issuu.