book review//BLDG BLOG book.

The BLDG BLOG website has long been one of my most frequent blog-stops upon search for inspiration for Uni assignments [one of the links in my list over there -->], and upon the recommendation of my Design Research lecturer I finally bought the book this week.

BLDG BLOG, written by Geoff Manaugh, is self described as 'architectural conjecture, urban speculation and landscape futures' - a description that perfectly captures the way in which Manaugh relates seemingly disparate concepts, drawing connections and relations between the somewhat random subjects to create each post.

A review I read online about the book talks about the way the book is a cultural literacy primer highlighting the way in which we can think about our everyday surroundings in a new way - from an architectural stand point it is highly relevant in terms of how the everyday is integrated and informs the built environment.

The main point is I definitely recommend this book.

Besides. It smells good and is printed on matte paper.

Any of you reading this who know me personally know my love for the smell of new book, my love for good stationery, and my penchant for buying incessant amounts of design/architecture books...


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