architects do it with models.

I realise I have been a fairly crappy blogger the last month. I have however been overwhelmingly busy with my final submissions for uni for the year – this time next Wednesday I will be free until February! These photos here are of some of my final Design Studio models, our studio this semester was based around an informal settlement/Urban Kampung in Yogyakarta in Indonesia, building on the information derived from a study tour of the site that occurred a couple of years ago. These little models are of a housing typology that I came up with...

I love making models with uni, I nearly risked my life acquiring those little tree pieces to use – I needed the perfect twigs. I got them. However I nearly fell into a river creek type thing in the park doing so whilst hunting for the good tree bits. Ah to be an architecture student…

* ps I can't claim the pun in the title as my own - it was SONA's t-shirt slogan back in 2007.


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