book binding.

9 hours, 1 toasted chicken and tomato sandwich, too much money, 6 sheets of 250gsm card, 4 sheets of tissue paper, two pieces of boxboard, and one sore neck later…

So I had a go at Coptic book binding this weekend over Saturday + Sunday, and made this book/album as part of my final Design Research Methods submission. It took literally 5 hours to cut all the pieces of paper for each signature, and was a bit fiddly because every second page is tissue - which made sewing the binding a delicate and ridiculously tedious task. I like how it opens completely flat, it was a bit irritating that the ends of the pages were not completely flush, but maybe that’s just me and my slight OCD tendencies and partiality for measuring things down to the last millimetre.

Nevertheless I am pleased with how my first attempt turned out! absolutely love the embossed grain paper on the cover...


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