asos dress.

I am currently in the process of working out whether or not I should buy this. Loveeeee the colour. I have decided it can be a belated birthday present to myself [my *birthday was last Sunday the 13th – was a bit of a non-event due to the mega amounts of assignments I have currently]. Yes I did Photoshop the background out of the picture. I just spend the last week staring at Photoshop and ArchiCAD and InDesign I must be having withdrawals. I’m putting off writing my Honours Proposal. Can you tell?

* Most ingenious present I received? Probably my grater from friend Emily. Em if you are reading this I am very impressed that you managed to find me a present that I desperately needed [and clearly heard me whinging about my lack of grating utensils in class last week]. My bircher muesli is amazing in the mornings now that I can grate my granny smith’s to go with the raspberries! <3

** Felix if you are reading this too, my pet rock you gave me last year is still an all time favourite birthday present and is sitting on the mantel in my new bedroom lovin’ life.


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