hex nut necklace.

I always was a productive procrastinator [and it is only week 3 of my final year of uni. Uh-oh]. As a birthday present to myself, this week after trekking around the city with my lovely housemate/best friend/procrastination partner to find the appropriate bits and pieces I made this necklace out of waxed cotton [the lady in Spotlight was less than impressed that I wanted to buy the entire roll of 1mm black waxed cotton and she had to measure it all out] and a box of 4mm brass hex nuts [as lovely as the man in the specialty nuts and bolts store was, I am pretty sure he thought I fruit-loop and I highly doubt based on the current clientele that twenty-something year old females regularly frequent their store]. A big thank-you to my Dad for a] explaining exactly where to find 4mm brass hex nuts and b] taking a photo that doesn’t look crap like the ones I tried to take.

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  1. A present is a present with all heart and price does not cloud this emotional stuff. The bracelet made through the hex nuts is simply a cool and innovative one with the durable factor. Most of us have accepted as a great design. It looks like the great crossed figures from far away unless and until one notices it so beautifully.