zoe kratzmann.

I bought these for $79 down from $262 after loving on them for months! Now I just need to get a life so I can have somewhere to wear them. I have a feeling they might end up being Graduation Heels for the end of the year [due to the only thing you can see whilst wearing grad getup is ankles and feet so the shoes have gotta be good]. They will definitely be more sensible than the ones I wore to my undergrad graduation*…

*amusing side note – at my undergrad graduation I nearly head-butted the vice chancellor of the university when I did the mortar-board hat tipping - and there I was worrying I would trip up the stairs on the stage. Also, my Dad fell asleep and started snoring about 40 minutes into the proceedings much to my mother’s disgust and my little sister’s bemusement. Oh we are a classy family.


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