quilt love.

Are these not amazing? Fred Shand quilts for Anthropologie. Completely unjustifiable amount of money but uber lust-worthy nonetheless!

Found via Anne Louise Likes [warning: very addictive blog that acquired 2.5 hours of my life trawling the archives this afternoon when I found it…]


  1. seems you find amazing things. :)
    these are beautiful.


  2. i will see that 2.5 hours and raise you.

    i just spent WAY longer than that trawling through your archives, not to mention all the links that i clicked on...love it :)

    and i agree: i had to laugh at some of the things that we have both posted about!

    lovely stuff: i like your 'voice' (as ridiculously pretentious as that sounds...)


  3. ha oh really!

    I got ridiculously excited just now when I found your comment. Finding comments on my blog has the same level of excitement associated with finding easter eggs on easter egg hunts. Lame? perhaps.

    I have 'browse links on Anne Louise Likes' on my to-do list for my final uni holidays which I am currently on. You have about 2184317481 bazillion million it's going to take me forever!! [CAN'T WAIT!]

    ps. Thanks for the compliment re: my 'voice' most of the time I feel like I'm waffling complete and utter drivel!