the start of the end.

I found this image some time early last year on the Freunde von Freunden website, and I remember at the time starting at it and thinking 'yes. I know exactly what you mean, little-sticker-attached-to-a-macbook-pro. You are referring to the fact that I am about to start my final year/semester etc of architecture school, aren't you!'.
It's funny how fast the time has flown. There is only 15 or so weeks until we are finished forever. Slightly terrifying, mixed in with a sense of trepidation, fear, opportunity, loss, excitement and melancholy.
But for now I'm enjoying spending my last day of holidays doing things like organising my endless folders of blog-lust images, knitting, and re-reading harry potter ready for the final movie's release later this week!
Oh I am such a nerd.

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  1. snap!

    had to push my knitting aside to write this...

    and i'm super excited about the last HP movie :)