last friday.

I was going to post this earlier, but alas Friday night involved a few too many pomegranate mojitos. Friday afternoon was a bit of a disaster for my uni student bank balance. However it's okay - because I was spending money that I wouldn't ordinarily have! This semester I have been tutoring/demonstrating etc with 3rd year Design Studio [their studio project is on my Professional Project site, and based somewhat on my Professional Project brief which is all a bit exciting]
SO, I treated myself:
1. Aesop rind concentrate body balm - this smells amazing - good enough to eat
2. The bird peg was a 'Friday Afternoon Present' from my housemate/best friend/procrastination partner*
3. More black leather rope to make Batman** a necklace on saturday
4. These very cool cards that were an 'at-the-counter' impulse. I fell in love with them - I want to frame them. [Made by Black Button, on very cleverly printed-on pieces of pianola rolls!]
Also in the pictures are branches of our pretty plum tree. Hello spring!
*Summa, aka my housemate/best friend/procrastination partner/S has informed me that she would now like to be known as Batman** on my blog. Apparently, I can be Robin. She also informs me that she shall be doing a guest post at some stage ha! Stay tuned...[I'm not going to argue with her she is way taller than me...]


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