weekday carnival [yes, again].

As a sequel to yesterday's post, I would like to announce to my sister/mother/various other gift giving bodies such as Santa and the Tooth Fairy and the like that October the 13th is my half birthday.
Subtle segue: don't you think this Weekday Carnival necklace is amazing? [Not-so-subtle hints on my blog actually work. My sister ended up buying me this for Christmas last year but I am 100% certain she will not entertain gift giving for half birthdays being a broke uni student amongst other reasons...]
* Half birthday |haf||ˈbərθˌdā|; a ridiculous excuse to celebrate one's half birth, including the consumption of a half cake, mini umbrellas in beverages and general half birthday-esque ruckus falling 6 months post/prior to the actual birthday.

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  1. i like the necklace :) the colour of the thread is real nice!