folding press.

Okay so my blog posts are readily turning into summaries of the large amounts of guest lectures that have been going on in my architecture school over the past month. This week we have over 5 - completely looking forward to Peter Stutchbury's visit later on today!
Yesterday we had Mark Simpson, director of Universal Design Studio in Melbourne, pay us a visit. Universal Design Studio, much like the previously mentioned Russell + George, are a design consultancy with a multi-disciplinary approach towards the design of branded environments. The studio will be relaunched as Design Office in October this year.
Cue one of my favourite things Mark spoke about; [aside from the incredible folded steel stair recently completed for Corporate Culture].
Folding Press: a paper installation as part of Melbourne's Saturday in Design festival in 2008. the clients were Design Quarterly and Indesign Magazine, with a budget of $1000 and an unlimited supply to past copies of magazines - the studio created this installation. Isn't it incredible?! [Ella - the paper-folding reminds me of you!].
The magazine pages were cut into a square, folded into this specific origami form due to the contrast between the shell and the interior, playing with the colours of the magazine pages which were also sorted pre-folding. It took hours to make, and 35 rolls of double sided tape to join and attach to the plywood backing.
I want one. No really. 


  1. I don't know how but somehow I missed this post!! This is totally up my alley & even though I know Mark I've actually never seen this before. Simply stunning! I actually spent the weekend folding origami for a baby mobile I made for a friend so I'm VERY familiar with the hours-of-folding experience! I'm also considering doing a wall installation with second hand books at home, so also familiar with the "I want one" feeling!

  2. It's because I am totally stealth Ella! haha! oh the second hand book idea is a winner - a group of friends from uni are going to make origami folded stars out of second hand books for christmas decorations! can't wait. Oh free time....how I miss thee.