russell + george.

St Judes, Brunswick St, Melbourne [I LOVE EVERYTHING ABOUT THIS PLACE!!!]

Mister Close, Bourke St, Melbourne

Earl Canteen, Bourke St [aka world's fanciest sandwiches].
Yesterday at school we were lucky enough to have a guest lecture Ryan Russell and Byron George of Russell + George. Just quietly, I personally think it is fantastic when you meet people within the profession whose work you love and completely admire [see previous post about Ryan Russell's retail fit out for LEFT] - and they turn out to be utterly amazing. I was also lucky enough to have a one on one tutorial with the pair after the guest lecture - you can see why they work so well together, they bounce ideas of each other.
There was one thing the pair said when describing their work, and the way in which they work - which completely resonated with me. Within their studio, they don't distinguish between disciplines, they consider everyone designers. They design everything - the structure, the interior, the furniture, the branding - everything. For example, they told us they are designing paper bags for one of their retail clients at the moment.
I loved this idea! Brilliant. And completely reassures me that I can design other things apart from buildings upon graduation ha! Cue Jenna once again lusting over pictures of their work...

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  1. What a beautiful bar counter and stool in the first two photos!
    I discovered your blog just todya and i love it! it is so great!!