the social studio.

I just got an email from one of my favourite places to visit in Melbourne - The Social Studio on Smith St.

The Social Studio describes itself as 'a dynamic space where clothing is created from the style and skills of the young refugee community, transforming recycled and excess manufacturing materials into original design. The enterprise creates training and employment opportunities in fashion and hospitality while being a safe place of belonging that strives to create awareness and change public perceptions'. This Thursday night, The Social Studio is hosting its Spring Fashion Gala launching its Magic Tent collection at the BMW Edge @ Fed Square.

Now, as I cannot attend do to uni - let me live vicariously through those of you in Melbourne who can! - not only are the clothes and accessories beautifully and lovingly hand made, but it is a fantastic contribution to community development and meaningful social change through the up-cylcling of 100% reclaimed materials.

Pop on over to their website or drop in to have a look at their Studio to find out more. Very very cool.


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