thesis draft - tick.

Ladies and gentlemen, we have a finalised honours thesis draft!
Cue ferocious round of applause...
[In all honesty I think I have lost the ability to construct proper spoken sentences in attempt to save all my well-thought out sentences for writing. ie I am walking around super vague. This picture pretty much sums up me for the past week - ie paper bag with cloud on head: analogy for me living in my own little world/me turning into an airhead].
Image via Hannah Lemholt Photography


  1. Congrats!! I can definitely relate. When I was in final year, I was often asked why I looked like a zombie and why had an inability to communicate like a normal human being. Home stretch for you! Yay!

  2. oh, i am SO jealous.

    i am currently trying to start my 'mini' dissertation (10,000 words) - i have the first 2,000 due in a week and i can NOT for the life of me think what to write...

    congratulations on finishing yours; almost there!

    and thanks for your nice comment on my blog, too xxx it means a lot!