dear mum.

Dear Mum.
Wishing you a happy birthday.
Thank you for being beyond supportive over the past 5 years of uni, thank you for all the times you listened to me rant + stress about assignments, thank you for listening to me talking about my building details for hours, for proof-reading my honours drafts over and over, for buying my favourite mango yogurt because I'm still a broke uni student. Thank you for the jug-loans, thank you for taking me on relaxing holidays even when I can't read the calendar and book the dates incorrectly, thank you for calling me each day to make sure I am still okay and to fill me in on what's happening at home.
Most of  all thank you for being my best friend - I love you very much.
I am very looking forward to coming home this weekend. Can we please have lasagne?
ps I took this picture last summer at the shack that day that we went for a walk and the sand bar was out heaps. It's a bit blurry, but still looks amazing even on a rainy day. No cowry shells though!
pps now that I know you have been stealthily reading my blog over the past couple of months, does this count as a birthday card?


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