neon windows.

Today is a good day. This time in two weeks I will be completely finished architecture school - oh golly. Tomorrow is our last ever tutorial. Scary, but exciting all at the same time...but the reason it is a good day is: after hearing the news that our thesis is actually due a week earlier than previously told, I got my final draft back today and it is finished and ready to be laid out/printed!! [Just quietly writing a thesis while doing final year architecture is nuts I do not recommend it...]

About 20 minutes ago while waiting in the park in the late afternoon sun for our take away japanese for dinner,  a friend informed me that the 'window' buttons on my neon orange cardi were epic.
Oh golly - now even my clothing is turning into architecture.

ps. this cardigan is one of my favourites! it's so bright!

pps. They were actually more excited about my presentation than they look! I promise...

ppps. The japanese was incredible I am so full right now I think I might be sick

pppps. Hi Mum - because I know you are reading this; listen to this song it's so good. You may have already found it in the mad beatz I popped on your ipod - I shall give you more new music I've bought recently when I'M FINISHED!


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