alexia abegg.

This inspired me to start sewing again - I need some summer projects and quilting looks perfectly time consuming...

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  1. thank you SO much for you kind comments on my blog - and apologies for taking so long to reply; i've been avoiding checking it; it's too much of a distraction...

    oddly enough, the one thing that i'm completely up to date with is referencing: everytime that i've sat down to work and 'it' hasn't happened, i've sorted out my references, knowing that if i left them to the end that i'd probably end up having a nervous breakdown..! but you seriously are way, way too kind (and awesome) to offer your help xxx

    instead, i propose you go and make yourself a quilt. LOVE these.

    (and can i just say SNAP!: totally saw these too, and a quilt SERIOUSLY is the first thing on my list of things to do in T W O weeks when i've handed in my work)

    enjoy your break :)