the end.

I am officially back, and officially all finished university forever!!! [cue sparklers etc]. The past week was probably the most hectic/busy/fun-filled week since, well, ever. A week ago today, we were celebrating having pinned up our final year projects, getting nervous ready for Thursday + Friday's presentations.

After 5 years of uni in an architecture school where everyone knows you personally, where lecturers are not only your teachers, but your peers and friends, where you spend all day together in the studio to the point where you can distinguish between who is walking up the stairwell based on the rhythm of how they walk - there was something very emotional about sitting and watching everyone present their final projects. I didn't feel finished until we had all presented, even though I was one of the first students in the first group on Thursday.

Picking up my finished thesis from the printers on Monday morning I got totally overwhelmed and burst into tears in my car! [lack of sleep much?]. It has been such a big year! and was a lot of hard work doing honours embedded via coursework at the same time was doing the final year of a masters degree in architecture. I think they are changing it next year.

So - to celebrate, we had three grad parties, the finale being 3 days of amazing fun at the East Coast of Tasmania in the Bay of Fires - with 25-30 friends from uni. It was only roughly 20 degrees, it was half sunny half overcast - but that didn't stop us swimming.

It says a lot about how well we know each other in that we could co-ordinate 3 days of beach-going, swimming, accidental sunburning, beach cricketing, masterchef-esque cooking, uno playing, 1000-puzzle completing and midnight skinny dipping [Hilarious!!] with such a big group of people with not a single conflict - and not a single stress. We are clearly way too similar...

When I moved away from Hobart for uni 5 years ago, this group of people became my second family. It only sunk in driving home today that it's all over - and how much I'm going to miss seeing the faces of the amazing bunch of people that are my closest friends - all day, everyday.


  1. congrats! It's great feeling to graduate .. can't believe you did masters and honours.. that's very crazy! how did you survive?! good luck for the future :)


  2. congratulations :)

    glad you enjoyed your celebrations; you're lucky to have met such a great group of people.


    (now, for me: back to it)