So I keep getting text messages from my best friends asking me what I am packing to take to Sydney to visit another of our best friends tomorrow morning. Admittedly, I have been too busy doing other things [such as cleaning the grime off my macbook pro's powerpac, reading books on $12 k-mart banana lounges, getting my hair cut and crafting my folio -because whilst being a broke masters degree student sounds somewhat respectable, and people admire your hard work and determination - being broke and unemployed doesn't really warrant the same response...]
SO I have only now started packing. Ie throwing clothes on bed. Admittedly I am a bit of a pro at packing after 5 years of flitting between cities each week for uni.
After everyone finished uni and moves away, it's hard to keep in contact with one another. I'm a little bit proud of our regular facebook email we have set up so we can keep in contact, mainly with little inane tidbits of our lives that we couldn't tell anyone else who would care [read: these come from me...]
These girls I have collected as great friends from my first day at a new school in year 3, until age 16 through school - they make me laugh hysterically until my sides hurt and I love spending time with them so much.
Now I am just waiting for the little woodland creatures nd the like to come and work their folding and packing magic a la snow white style..
EDIT: Let's be honest, as much as I can be messy, the flip side to my personality is an OCD control freak, so 2 minutes after I posted this photo I folded it all immaculately to sit on my bed. 

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  1. Haha I on the other hand am the worst at packing. I always have to take stuff out or I find when I get there that the tops I packed don't match the pants. Yay for your trip, have a good time!!

    TEE&FAME ♥