graduation 2011.

Well graduation was a huge success. Apart from the fact that the grad robes obviously were designed for men and us ladies couldn’t keep our hood on; it was like it constantly wanted to be a hula hoop. Refer to Exhibit A and the hysterical laughter. And as you can see – wore the shoes for the first time! They were brilliant. They survived 1x graduation parade through the city, 1x graduation, 1x lunch with S + my families, 1x evening spent full of pomegranate mojitos and dancing and galavanting around the city with the 5th year crew until 4am. The bar we were at dancing for a gazillion hours actually tried to kick us out by putting on classical music when the clock struck 4. Word to the wise: this doesn’t entice newly graduated graduate architects to go home- we instead started waltzing and ripping out the ballet moves. Hilarious.

I also learnt the benefits of having a design blog. My little sister [hi Becca] who I didn’t realise read this, hunted on my blog’s previous posts for something special I might like for a grad present. Refer to exhibit B [The Vamoose necklace] above. LOVE IT!!!!

Don’t be surprised if I start posting photos of ponies and ferrari’s and the like from now on just sayin.


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