birthday wishlist.

It is exactly one month to my birthday today. Cue wishlist of unobtainable objects I’m currently lusting over…

Shakuachi bustier bikini[irrelevant that summer is nearly done]_ |2 KitchenAid Artisan Stand Mixer_ |3 subscription to the beautiful FALLEN Magazine_ |4 white dipped spoons for my addiction to gorgeous kitchenwares_ |5 a leather saddle + handle grips for the tip shop bike I am currently fixing up_ |6 yellow leather clutch_ |7 some bling for my iphone_ 8| more gorgeous stationery_ |9 cloth extension cord


  1. No way! I spent the whole day in bed sick as a dog trawling the Internet for that exact pair of bathers! Hours of my life now gone to unfound bathers. Ok, I did find them for $200 but know my catwalk had them on sale for $56! I curse that "sold out" sign. Damnmit.

  2. really?! haha this is why we are friends! $56?! bargain!!