wearable | autumn.

There are technically only 4 days of summer left. So, to celebrate the oncoming of autumn, here is a few autumn-suitable wearable bits and pieces I am currently coveting - ESPECIALLY those shoes. Love.
Ps the Aesop hand balm is SORT of wearable - I wanted to include it because of the colour!


  1. these are ALL awesome, especially the shoes.

    and blush and black: how lovely it looks together, but so difficult to wear..! maybe just on me. whatever: these pics are inspiring me to give it another shot.

    also: i need your advice. would you think less of me if i pinned 10 pictures of shoes so that i can get a free pair?? that's not the first offer i've had via pinterest, but i've ignored all the others, but...i kinda want a new pair of shoes, especially ones with RABBITS on them: i friggin LOVE rabbits!

    morally confused. against it in theory, but then bloggers do it ALL the time, so... i hid their comment, so i think you're one of the only people who saw it, hence my bothering you! (and i now realise that anyone can read this on your blog, but whatever..!)

    1. Oh AL how you crack me up. Ok I have one thing to say to you:

      'Hi, My name is Jenna, and I am a shoeaholic'

      which translates directly into English as: HELLSYEAH pin 10 pictures to get the rabbit shoes. I promise I will never tell. Cross my heart and hope-to-get-pinterest-famous-so-people-give-me-free-shoes/die. If I was in your shoes [pardon the pun] I would think of it like this: As an impoverished post-grad student, not technically financially, but mentally, spiritually and all else that post-grad study depletes from day-to-day life, you DESERVE shoes with rabbits on them. I can understand how you are morally confused I would be too, but Heck, you deserve the shoes just for having to read what people write in your comments on your pins! haha!

      and besides I bet people never read these comments ever except for my Mum.


    i was thinking that i can't be bothered, and then i just keep thinking 'don't be a sell out', but you're right.

    it's a pair of shoes.

    watch me go pin...


    1. watch me 'like' the pins in moral e-support! I want instagram pictures of your feet in rabbit shoes when you get them by the way. PICTURES OR IT NEVER HAPPENED! x