bicycle bling.

I've become a woman obsessed in regards to all things bicycles. As pictures in my last 'lately' post show, I am now the lucky owner of a gorgeous Brooks saddle with copper rivets! - and as a result of my usual nightly blog trawling for bike bits etc, I found THESE! Zomg must have. Copper plated rat trap pedals? Yes please. Don't even get me started on that bell.


  1. Holy s***balls! I want! I want! Sounds like you're going to have one lust-worthy bike. The seat! Oh, the seat! Can't wait to see it all done.

    I named my bike Kevin after the KRudd stimulus package that funded the purchase. Now that things have turned so ugly in the KRudd department, I'm all confused. Poor bike kevin...he got caught up in the political ugliness.

    Penny sounds like a much less complicated name. Nice one :)

  2. What about a Fastboy chain guard? for that minimal look?
    Or even better- what about a copper one!!!
    Yeah... I could make that...