check it out mum.

Over the past couple of weeks or so, I have been corresponding with my uber-lovely fellow blogging e-friend Ella from Pages From My Moleskine to whip up this little number! I must admit, I'm impressed with how patient she was with my two thousand word mini-essay I accidentally wrote for the answers that needed to be edited a bajillion times. Ella's beautifully curated blog is well worth a squiz at!


  1. Jenpal! It was so nice to have you on my blog. Although I must say that you were definitely the number one pillar of patience in this process! A million times thank you.

    Thanks also for the kind words in this post. Aww...how nice. I hope all my future guests are as fun as you have been!

    1. well, I bet you 100 almond croissants from Jackman + McRoss that future guests won't go off on tangents in emails such as hilarious youtube clips, Anne of Green Gables, mechanical chopsticks, lost Hobart City Council plans, Comic Sans + Rainbow 'WordArt' circa 1998 homages, and onesie body singlets riding up my bum.

      What can I say, you were lucky enough to witness the real Jenna in all my randomness! ha! x