everything seems so...

Do you ever find that the internet is so overwhelmingly-over-inspiring sometimes? and that you are drowning in things you are collecting to show on your blog but have no time? My 'To-Blog' list is growing longer and the posts are becoming no longer relevant as time goes on.
Mathematics as follows: day job + second job [working 12.5 hours a day] + restoring bicycle + graphic design of catalogue for an exhibition a friend is curating + sorting out removal of teeth/wisdom teeth [ick] + DEALING WITH INCOMPETENT EX-PROPERTY MANAGERS re: the house I moved out of 2 months ago = no free time for jenna whose brain is feeling like mush.
Someone please bring me icecream? I got up at 6am for a meeting at 7:30am and just realised I have 23 windows minimised in my dock. Oh golly. I promise I will try and be more consistent once I have caught up with everything else...
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  1. ok...so here´s what I promisse: a post dedicated to your blog.
    Hope you like it ;)

  2. I totally agree....and the more social media platforms that spring up (Pintrest is about to be my latest :) the more cool things there are to check up on. Exhausting! But super inspiring..just like your blog- I love it!! x