oh dear. My internets at home are currently playing up. That teamed with the fact it has been an uber busy week results in me being semi AWOL lately.
I think I'm actually busier and juggling more than I did in my final semester of uni when I was writing my thesis and doing my dissertation. The graphic design of the catalogue draft is due next week, I've got a small slice of work with a local architecture firm to finish up next week alongside trying to finish up the graduate work I have been doing with UTAS prior to....STARTING MY NEW FANDANGLED JOB AS A GRADUATE ARCHITECT NEXT WEEK!!!!
Holy moly I'm pretty excited, and feel tremendously grateful as graduate positions are very, very sparse around Australia at the moment.
Ps. the image is totally not relevant to any of this - I just like it lots. Desperately been hunting at garage sales etc for a dresser just like this. I had planned to post about Penny's restoration and just all of the bits and pieces I had found lately via Pinterest, so stay tuned!


  1. aarghh!!

    that is so great: congratulations!!

    you must be very happy, and nervous, but wow: any kind of graduate position is hard to get, so you must be super good :) go you!

    best of luck

    i look forward to the day that i get a graduate job! x

  2. Finishing up final projects is always a task and a half. Best of luck! (I'm in the same boat).

    Congrats on the new job! Must be exciting.