Lately, I have been flat out. The past two weeks have been crazy busy! I've squished in lots and lots of work; my birthday [some pressies are pictured here too, like the Brooks leather saddle I have been lusting after!], Dinner with friends in my bargain Willow jacket, more bicycle restoring, and easting birthday cake for breakfast. Ha! All photos from my instagram [@Jenna_Rowe]


  1. Normally, I'm not one for snake/alligator skin but I can't help to love those heels.

  2. Me too Ashley but there was something about them!

  3. Replies
    1. Sure is! You too can have a shnazzy silicon lappy keyboard cover for the cost of 2 dolla ah la eBay!! I'll email you the link! (I'm dangerous with spilling water I have the water pouring skills of a 3 year old hence this 2 dollar piece of plastic has saved my life on numerous occasions!)