The last couple of weeks have been super hectic, filled with general work [love my new job! my desk had a gorgeous Easter cupcake + a bunny basket on it when I arrived yesterday morning!], working on the catalogue for Stephen Eastaugh's upcoming exhibition, [3rd row middle] and time keeping duties at the Australian Institute of Architect's Tasmanian Chapter's Jury Presentations for the Awards [check it out - got the coolest Viking bell to jingle every 5 minutes]. However it was also super fun, filled with delicious wine at my favourite bar Grape [middle top] and more wine and macarons at Mona, getting pretty bike items in the mail from Japan, and buying delicious autumny goodness [top left].
I've become addicted to instagram of late. Feel free to follow me - @Jenna_Rowe


  1. Excuse me, I do believe you failed to mention that you're now at Terroir! Congrats lady! You must be all sorts of brilliant!

    PS. I like the print on your skirt.

    1. Haha oopsies didn't realise I didn't mention where! I did do a little announcement on instagram though!

      Ps. The skirt is actually an amazing scarf that I'm in love with! also pictured in middle of the second row!