As per my last ‘Lately’ post, the last couple of weeks have again been super hectic. Last week I had a big deadline with work [hence the delicious kiss biscuits from the local CWA near work to get us through 3:30itis], then a big deadline with the graphic design work I have been doing on the side [it’s about to go to the printers – eek!].

The thing I like the most about no longer being an architecture student, is the free time. I’ve been able to fill it with making leather clutch bags, doing the last 3/4 of my bicycle [still need to source a new crankset, pedals and grips], going out for after work drinks, and playing the piano.

Oh. And buying presents for me on my lunch breaks. Ha.

Pictures I haven’t included here are the crazy wintery weather we have been having down here. Feel free to have a squiz - @jenna_rowe on instagram. 


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