Welcome to the new blog layout. My little blog recently turned 2 [I totally neglected the occasion however as I was frantically busy]. So – to celebrate, in true Jenna style, I made very minimal changes to the layout as I am totally indecisive. I really wasn't happy with the previous header etc - I actually whipped it up in 5 minutes the day I decided I wanted a blog 2 years ago - and in the duration of my masters degree never had the time to change it. 

In the long run, I want to sort out the logo bitty-thingo a bit better, but quite frankly – can we all just pause for a moment and reflect then be impressed with the fact that I finally learnt how to use pages in blogger? Amazing. 

Pretty much what it comes down to is this. If we take the analogy of cleaning your house by throwing stuff in cupboards and shutting the doors, that is essentially what I did with my blog. Only the stuff in question is my blogroll and about me. Don’t worry – I immaculately referenced all of your lovely blogs, but they aren’t formatted properly yet. That’s on the to-do list for later!

Thank you to all of those who have been along this little journey with me, I think I have learnt a lot about myself in terms of my aesthetic and what I like and who I am as a designer as a result of having this little space for my collections - I love sharing it with you all!



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