2012 tasmanian architecture awards.

Last Saturday night was the 2012 Tasmanian Architecture Awards - which I was lucky enough to be involved with this year due to my temporary employment with the Tas Chapter of the Australian Institute of Architects [work has me on loan a couple of days a week to get them through the awards season]. Whilst projects designed by Melbourne architects such as Fender Katsalidis' infamous MONA and John Wardle's beautifully detailed The Shearer's Quarters projects were both quite popular with the people's choice and final awards [and to be honest, with me]; these two little locally designed projects were my personal favourites. The reason I think I like them both hints towards the fact that Hobart has beautiful building stock, and hence a lot of design projects are based around the redesign of heritage or industrial buildings. 

The first project pictured is 42 Goulburn St, by Circa Morris-Nunn Architects. A friend of mine, Poppy Taylor, who was our tutor at uni, was the project architect on this project - a redevelopment of a terribly run down residence that was originally a notorious pub in the 1800s. As you can see Poppy pulled and played with the levels, also reinserted the door in it's original position. I wish I had access to more of the photos that I know there are, such as the brick-floored cellar and the beautiful glass splashback over the exposed sandstone kitchen wall. Photos by Jonathon Wherrett

The second project pictured is award winning restaurant Garagistes, by Paul Johnston Architects. This project is the retrofit of an old garage, as pictured in the first image. Rather hard to find on Murray St in Hobart, the restaurant is a busy favourite found by word-of-mouth - known to be open when the large pivot door is swung aside. Photographs by Luke Burgess [clearly a very clever man as he is also the chef of the restaurant!] and more info written by a friend of mine, here


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