So I bought a pretty damn cool necklace today. OK so it’s no surprise that I’m a triangle/neon/necklace fan, Let’s be honest - I’m pretty predictable. After a conversation with Roz earlier this afternoon I have something to show you all!

Meet Roslyn Campbell, the designer behind the gorgeous Melbourne jewellery business, Minnen. Roz currently has a Pozible Pledge campaign underway – to attempt to help out her jewellery business. The thing is – I’m not really certain why more people haven’t pledged as the way it works as described by Roz:

‘One level of contribution will entitle you to a pendant, but it will be like a lucky dip as to what colour/arrangement you receive. With the other option, I will provide an image with about 20 possible colour schemes, and you can choose one that will be made in those colours (the arrangement will vary, but I'm certain you will be happy). How's that sound? Good? Very good!’

um?! Awesome.

You can read all about the process behind the pledge, how it works, and have a squiz at more pictures - hereEach one of Roz’s necklaces is different, she employs a no-waste mentality, hence each necklace created is unique and individual. I pledged to be able to pick out the colours [I’m a total control freak! Ha]. Anywho she is currently up to 77% of total pledges, as a lot of you reading this have the same aesthetic taste as me, I thought I would share because it would be lovely to be able to support Roz to get her to the 100% mark as – realistically - it’s a bit of a win/win for all!

J x

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  1. Did you see my tweet about this? It's basically like the 140character version of this post. Almost identical choice of words. Weird. But not surprising.