monday mix_one.

1 | Leave House_Caribou
2 | Sleepless ft. Anthony for Cleopatra_Flume 
3 | Ungirthed_Purity Ring
4 | Please Turn | Little Dragon
5 | Kiara_Bonobo
6 | You_Gold Panda
7 | Boiling_Disclosure
8 | One At A Time [Funked Up]_The Clonious
9 | Gamble_Tokimonsta
10 | Call Me ft Monique Hellenberg_Goldfish

Listen here

I think this project has been unconsciously forming for a long time. If I wasn't a designer I would do something with music - hands down. I spend hours trawling music blogs, searching. In the office I work in I'm the in-house DJ, my iPod loves me so much that it's battery honestly lasts from 9am until 6pm - and it's 7 years old. 

A couple of weeks ago, I began an email to my friend Ella called Song of the Day. It started with one song each day around 3pm. Song of the Day slowly grew a bit bigger and picked up friends along the way, until it got a bit to big to manage daily even though I was only copying and pasting pre-selected songs and bios each day - while working at the architecture firm, the Institute of Architects and my little graphic design projects on the side. 

I have also wanted a bit of regular posting to occur on this little blog -  because let's be honest I am terribly inconsistent. But the thing is, I consistently make playlists each week. My first playlist includes a lot of music old and new that I love - from artists that I have met [ie when my friend Ginny and I were lucky enough to have drinks and a conversation about music with Little Dragon at the East Brunswick Club [RIP] a couple of years ago - I even got a list of music recommendations from their drummer Erik Bodin!!! that whole night was a serendipitous fluke]


ps. Ella, consider track number 7 your song of the day  
pps. 8tracks is a dangerously awesome website, steals hours of my time! 

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  1. Hooray! You did it! I fully support this new segment (if that wasn't obvious). New music for tomorrow. Woot!