the onion's great escape.

The State Cinema; aka the beautiful art-house cinema in North Hobart with a range of cinema sizes, [my dad and I have been known to work out what is playing in cinema 5; the tiny downstairs cinema with sandstone walls and big brown leather couches which seats about 15 – just to be able to watch a film in that particular room] has recently opened a bookstore [yay!] – Last night after grabbing ice-cream with friends post dinner, we popped in to have a look. 

The bookshop is fantastic! It has a huge range of design/art/architecture books – and it is opened the same hours as the cinema! [all shops apart from chain stores in shopping malls tend to shut at 6pm in Hobart].

I came across this book. It is ridiculously awesome. Laid out as an activity book, it is designed to be an interactive reading experience, with cute little fill in question spots such as 'how big are elephant's thoughts?' and 'What's the longest minute you can remember?'. What I also really liked was how the book also enabled the poor little onion to be saved from it's apparent death by frying in the pan via page by page perforated cut outs - finally allowing the onion to break free [freaky human eyes and all].

Amongst my never-ending career aspirations as an 11 year old, author and illustrator were on the list – hence I love this. I think I might have to go back and buy it for me, under the pretence of it being for my little cousins...

Images via Cool Hunting


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