tomás alonso.

Tomas Alonso is a 'cosmopolitan craft designer', born in Spain and now residing in London after a decade of study and professional practice in the US, Australia and Italy.

I love the way Cristina Miglio describes his work;
'...The very simple aesthetic qualities of his objects reveal the expressive potential of each specific material, which is also his main source of inspiration, conveying an expressive immediacy which makes his products universal and transgenerational...For him the boundary between art and design is never hazy....' read more here...

I personally like the contradiction between the mixed materials, the fluidity of the bent powdercoated metal tube with the solid ash elements [and the victorian ceiling boards in the case of the first chair].

TOTALLY love the knife that slips out of the chopping board/tray - however, I think my favourite would have to be the 4m long table and bench, and yes, that is the fit out of a Camper store you see...

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  1. Oh gosh, serious love for all these things....

    I'm also tres excited to add you to my list of morning blogs!