bike baskets.

For those of you who follow me on instagram, you would know that last week I received the final piece of my bike that I have been building [all instagram photos of the process available for perusal here]. It has taken a few months and a lot of hours and a lot of patiently waiting [ok ok and sometimes not so patiently waiting. Unfortunately for the man rechroming my bike parts, our office is only next door. Read: incessant check ups daily].

I need help. I can't pick. Opinions, creative people? refer to above link to all the pictures of Penny so you can visualise etc. Don't make me do another photo montage...

Clockwise from top left_
1 | Peterboro White Wash basket [been lusting after this one for awhile, now stocked in Aus here]
2 | Nantucket Bicycle Basket Co Mint Green basket [this will totally clash but I just love the colour]
3 | Brooks Hoxton Wire Basket [my grips and seat are Brooks - tempting but I'd have to sell a kidney]
4 | Peterboro Honey basket [as above. different colour..pffft totally different]
5 | Electra Black Wire Basket [fancy version of a cheapo number that I originally had on my old bike - I do rather like the simplicity of this, it has a quick release detaching mechanism which is super because I would take it into the supermarket. However, it couldn't keep up with my hardcore basket needs and the bolts literally fell out and there was an incident involving tram tracks and a bottle of soda water back in 2011. Admittedly, I totally trashed it by putting too many mega library books in it].
6 | Nantucket Bicycle Basket Co basket [I quite like the texture of this one]

Any thoughts would be much appreciated, I am struggling on this one!


  1. Maybe lime wash? I like how the leather straps look against the lime wash. Seems quite Jenna-esque. Is it going to be able to keep up with you love of print media though? Maybe the brooks, which is also tres hot, is more capable of withstanding a librarian's day to day bicycle load?

  2. Number three wire chrome with timber base. simple and beautiful.

  3. It simply must be number six. It fits well with your 'uber chrome' period. The only negative is it might be somewhat heavy. But does it really matter when it looks that good? :-)

  4. I like 1 or 3! (4 and 6 came close..) Fresh and pretty to complement the blue.