design detail_tomoaki uno.

My favourite types of photos of architecture aren't the money-shots, but the pictures showing the the craft of the project in the detail - the way things are made, and put together. I came across the first image above on pinterest the other day, and upon closer google-stalking, found more of Nagoya-based Japanese architect Tomoaki Uno's work.

I personally really like the materiality of the stair, but also like the way the stair tread has been folded up. I can't help but look at this and think 'well if the metal was thicker and the upturn left a gap of 100mm or less then this is halfway to being compliant in Australia'.

...And maybe it's my 'I-could-make-that' attitude, but I also really love when architects make their own items rather than specifying proprietary items, such as the door pull pictured.

update: so I also later added the charred timber door image too because I love it as well.

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  1. Nose treads. They'll probably want you to be nose treads on that too. In a contrasting colour. Remind me again why we haven't moved to Europe? Or Japan?