It's been awhile since I have compiled a lately post - so I really struggled to pick the pictures! photos in this iteration include my all but finished bicycle! [just waiting for my grips, they are on back order] and the super shmexy new alloy pedals that Bike Ride ordered in for me. Other photos include the amazing old library filing cabinet I fell in love with, but had no room for, ice-cream for lunch, the bunch of flowers I put together for Auntie Julie for her birthday [from our garden!!] and the bits and pieces I used to make the iPad case last week [more on this coming once my molto-talented photographer friend Jordy helps me with the photos].

Once again, all pictures snapped with instagram [@jenna_rowe]


  1. I discovered your very good looking blog through ella and wanted to say hello and nice work!

  2. Julie! Hello! Oh gosh that has totally ruined my surprise 'Hello Julie' that I was scheming with Ella about for you!!! Thank you for your kind words, and hello in return! x