luxe lux.

First of all, pardon for my extremely lame post-title pun [lux is an increment of measuring units of illuminance]. This little post is a shout out to my lovely friend Jen at work. We have surprisingly similar design taste - so Jen, here is the bunch of precedents of clever yet simple lighting solutions I found you! [particularly with exposed bulbs]. 

From the top: Diamond Lights - Eric Therner + Frama [fond of the copper and brass detail rather than the diamond bulb itself], a clever lighting installation at Stockholm store Jascha Loves Designista by TranspondLEFT by Ryan Russell of Russell & George [previously mentioned by me here], Luminaires Luxiona by Jean Nouvel,  Arik Levy Wireflow Black Radom and finally,100 Watts - Lampadaire by Autori Vari

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  1. I love these! I feel like a kitten and just want to take a swipe at them and watch them swing! And it's so lovely to have extended the friendship comment..Yay! Nice to meet you!