dvf store - cigue.

Welcome to Cigue's Diane von Furstsenberg New York store. I actually meant to write this post as promised here a couple of weeks ago - but due to my 'to-blog' folder on my desk top becoming totally outta control [read: newer folders titled 'new to blog', 'new', and my personal favourite folder title: 'jkhbnvn'- so much for cleaning up my filing system post uni...] it in turn became accidentally buried.

I honestly think these guys produce some of my most favourite architectural details that I have come across. Their website is great - under this project they have actually included exploded axos which are great to work out how the joinery was put together. 

I know I have only picked a couple of images to show here - but these are the images which show the design aspects that I appreciate; such as the interconnection of contrasting materials. I love the minimal colour and material palettes, and the way the brass is folded into the timber platform, and that brass leg punching up into the cabinet unit is also totally beautiful. 


  1. lovely! totally relate on the 'djfkhkdfjhg' blog folder. xx

  2. Oh dear I have missed two posts unknowingly and it is making me tres stressed. Especially because these last two have been AWESOME. Holy moly. Look at that folded gold/brass I am losing my cool a little over here.