fearon hay architects.

In three weeks time my best friend/housemate from uni and I are jumping on a plane [$145 flights people!!] over to New Zealand to visit another of our best friends from uni - Ginny, who is currently back living in Wellington [Hi Gin!!].

Now, since my first visit a couple of years ago, apart from absolutely falling in love with the country in a whirlwind 2 week visit from top to bottom, it became apparent that the kiwi's do design exceptionally well.

As a result I have spent a lot of time researching great places to visit, and came across a few little projects by my favourite NZ architects, Fearon Hay which are up for nomination for New Zealand's Best Awards.

From the top, images of Fabric Warehouse [Love the door details and the glazing details]- and the bottom two images: Imperial Lane which has been circulating the blogosphere quite a lot lately...


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