Phewf the last two weeks were mega. I'm finally set up in the world's most super cute art deco apartment - Mega thanks to my lovely friend Ellen for having me until I found a place to live [8 days to find somewhere - pretty good effort if you ask me. And I was ultra fussy...]

I'm rather enjoying Sydney, it hasn't sunk in yet that I don't need to take extra cardigans just incase it gets cold later - like I would in Hobart. I've spent a fair bit of time just exploring and walking around Surry Hills sussing out a bunch of recommendations I have been given. This weekend was both the Sydney Rides Festival and the Surry Hills Festival, I've been cycling around on a borrowed bike - I need to send Penny up!

Also I have discovered the Bourke St Bakery. Dangerously delicious...

All pics from my instagram. 


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