Just a little note to stay I am still here, I am just very busy procrastinating packing - Last week I was offered a spot in the Sydney office at work so I move up to Sydney on Sunday for a couple of months. That alongside travelling + a few other projects on the go that have been keeping me very busy and exhausted come 9pm ie terrible blogger. 

I did take a lot of photos of NZ via instagram  [@jenna_rowe] and was going to write about how amazing the Imperial Buildings were in the flesh - but haven't had time.

In the mean time! if there are any Sydney readers with recommendations on places to go/things to see! hit me up. Conversely, if any Sydney readers know of a place to live for a couple of months -  that may also be beneficial. ha!

Image Source totally non-relative to any of this, but I love the cabinet/shelf contraptions. 


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