monday mix_nine.

1 | On Top [ft. T.Shirt]_Flume
2 | Zimbabwe [Rufus Remix]_New Navy
3 | Raiders [Purple Sneakers DJ Mix]_Owl Eyes
4 | Icypoles [Star Slinger Dreamix]_Alpine
5 | Cameo Lover [Gloves Remix]_Kimbra
6 | The Time Is Now_Moloko
7 | Since I Left You [Stereolab Mix]_The Avalanches
8 | Henrietta_Yeasayer
9 | Loud Pipes [Faraji Uyehara Remix]_Ratatat
10 | King of the Stars [Two Fresh]_Dr Don Don

Listen here.

Ok people let's just pretend it's Monday [oddly this post was ready on Monday I just never published it. Whoops].

Ps now that I am on holidays and back in Hobart for a month i'll probably be able to actually get to my gigantico 'to-blog' folder filled with awesome things I've found in Sydney over the last 2 months or so! been rather busy galavanting around of late...


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