when I grow up.

Loving the monochrome installation graphics work of Les Graphiquants this week, more here.

Whilst I adore printed graphics (you may or may not have noticed my rather large pinterest board on the matter), there is a distinct cross over of design disciplines in installation/way finding/signage graphics which I find very appealing. In a way it's rather architectural, given the way it interacts with the built environment, yet the overall importance of communication is just as integral to the design as it is in print media.

At the end of my undergrad architecture degree before I enrolled in my Masters, I nearly ran away to study graphic design. I remember one of my lecturers advising me given my interests to stick with it, as it may lead me back there later.

To be honest; 2 years out of uni I'm still dreaming of studying Graphic Design - not because I don't love my job, or because I don't want to be an architect - it's because the more I practice within the field of architecture, the more I see potential for interdisciplinary cross overs within the design industry.

I'm the sort of person who feels anxious if I don't have at least 3 side projects on the go at once. For example I'm currently doing an online course to teach myself HTML and all other kinds of internet nerdery, I am also madly researching and ordering brochures because I want to do a graphic design course of some sort of a night, and I am also prototyping leather goods etc for an online shop. The to-do lists I write for the weekends overwhelm me, I think I'm constantly trying to fit in more than I am sometimes capable of.

It's sometimes overwhelming when you stop and realise you can actually do whatever you want in your career - it's yours.

At the end of the day I just want to be a 'designer/maker' when I grow up.


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