I'm here, I'm here! eek apologies, it has been a very busy month (you know you're a slacker when both your Mum + Ella note your lack of blog posts...)The past week in particular has involved organising a bunch of DARCH events, attending the National Architecture Awards (check out that picture of all my emerging architect buddies frolicking up the stairs to the Opera House - 40 years on and still fabulous!), the Sydney Architecture Festival, the EmAGN face to face meeting. Also, top that off this past month or so I have been totally excitingly working on my lovely housemate Anna's graphics and branding (middle second row) - totally fun! (I have been willingly been bribed with an Acne Jasper Pouch, um, amazing). I was also very flattered to be featured in Studio Home's most recent instagram recommendations - thanks Julia!

All pics from my instagram


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