Today marks my 25th Birthday, and my second birthday spent in Sydney. I love birthdays. 2014 is shaping up to be a super exciting year for me, I have dubbed it the year of Jenna. I've so far been presented with some pretty exciting opportunities, some of which I cannot wait to share given I have been sworn to secrecy. 

Speaking of 'secrets', my housemates are planning a surprise birthday party for me tonight [not quite sure why we are still calling it the surprise party given I saw the facebook event with the event picture as a giant image of my face on it left on the ipad on the sofa 2 weeks ago], then a catch up with my uni crew who have also migrated to Sydney tomorrow night - and then I am looking forward to celebrating with all of my Hobart friends and family next weekend upon a short visit home.

Is this when I am supposed to launch into a quarterlife crisis? I already have the same haircut that I had when I was 5, so I think I'll survive it. 

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