Quite a few snaps of the Biennale of Sydney  [what an amazing city we live in! Cockatoo Island was probably my favourite, given I hadn't been there before]. I was also joined by Miss Ella who came and stayed for a weekend of art-filled fun [she has a nice blog post here with more snaps]. 

This iteration of Lately also includes quite a lot of crafting photos - I have been spending quite a bit of time making my copper and brass V necklaces, for the people of instagram. If you too would like one, feel free to email me. I have also been prototyping a luggage tag to take with me on my travels (3 sleeps! exciting!). 
If anyone has any San Francisco, or New York (the only spot I will have a free day on the Study Tour) Tips - I would be much appreciative!

All photos from my Instagram account. 


  1. Love the theme and combination of photos here!



  2. Hey Jenna,
    Really happy that I just found your lovely blog through bloglovin'! Hope you're having fun on your study tour around the states - looking forward to seeing the photos you've posted on your next blog post :)