This iteration of lately is a tad overdue - it's been a very busy past couple of weeks in Jenna-land.

I had a 4 day trip down to Melbourne for the Dulux Study Tour Alumni trip - where I had the opportunity to meet all of the previous recipients of the tour. It was such a great experience - we had various site and project visits, including the Victorian Comprehensive Cancer Centre, the new Australian Institute of Architects Melbourne headquarters 41X, the incredibly inspiring The Commons residential project and some highly detailed and equally inspiring projects of Dulux Study Tour Alumni Mel Bright's practice Make Architecture.

Pictured above are a few snapshots of my additional time in Melbourne post the study tour alumni, with our face-to-face meeting with the National Executive EmAGN committee, and further time staying with Ella, who took me all over including Carsten Holler's gold carosel at NGV [yes we went on it...].

Back in Sydney, other pictures feature our impromptu Jansz-fuelled picnic to bid my best friend Ginny farewell - given she is moving to London via 3 months in South America [travel safe! x].

I'd also like to say a big thank you also to Rue Magazine who listed me as their current instagram recommendation in their 'instafollow' series; thank you much Kelli for the very kind words, I really appreciate that people value the way in which I caption my photos on instagram. Similar to my blog - I take the approach of being candid and myself - which took a bit of a leap of faith to be comfortable doing - hence it was nice to read that this was valued! If you are a new reader to my blog through finding me over on Rue, thank you and welcome x

All photos from my instagram account [@jenna_rowe]


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